Mizaplas is a mobile app and digital production company founded by two ad creatives, Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman. Together, we’ve created an array of fun, utility-based and beautifully-designed apps and sites for brands. We also own a variety of self-conceived products developed as intellectual property under Mizaplas. Our role in each project has been different, but Mizaplas has been responsible for some or all of the following for various projects - consulting, ideation, development, design, branding and marketing. We also like to partner up with like-minded designers, illustrators, photographers, directors and other creative friends who spend less time over-thinking and more time actually making stuff. Our work has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Fast Company, PSFK, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Creativity, AdFreak and every food blog out there.

We both love food, so Mizaplas was derived from the French term mise-en-place, which is a cooking term for having everything “in its place”. Chefs believe that if you have all the right ingredients in place, you can easily make anything for your customers. This speaks to our philosophy as a company: we strive to see order, efficiency, simplicity and beauty in all our work.

If you're a brand, agency or just a person with a great idea, let's collaborate on something awesome. We're also available for freelance.

Hit up Peter: peter@mizaplas.com / 646.724.0659
Hit up Joe: joe@mizaplas.com / 917.582.4073

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Props to Kamil Krajewski for the photo & Cheryl Hills for the logo!